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The Alpha-Files is a high quality, integrated marketing campaign by Osirium.

Through independent research 10 critical IT issues have been identified that many organisations have opted to tolerate rather than resolve.

This is because it's just too painful to resolve or they believe there isn't technology available.

These issues are collated in the Alpha-Files and each month a new, solved case file is released.

Quocirca Report: Conquering the SysAdmin challenge

This Quocirca research report presents new data on how well organisations are able to automate their SysAdmin procedures, manage the use of privilege and satisfy the requirements of auditors. This should be of interest to those charged with the reliable delivery of IT, and also business managers who understand the importance of IT to their organisations.

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You'll also discover Quocirca discussing each challenge in more detail.

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A few weeks ahead of the release date of an Alpha-File, Osirium issues a press release.

Each release includes a comment from an analyst and survey findings to support the issue discussed.

PRESS RELEASE: (Note for Chrome Users)
CASE-001 - Deceptive IT Practices put Audits at Risk
CASE-002 - UK orgs still haunted by Group Admin Accounts
CASE-003 - Data breach threats from "end-of-life" IT procs.
CASE-004 - Clear text transmission of SysAdmin logins
CASE-005 - Businesses vulnerable to legacy privileged accounts
CASE-006 - Reducing SysAdmin errors
CASE-007 - Back-up protocols often ignore security devices
CASE-008 - Restricted
CASE-009 - Restricted
CASE-010 - Restricted

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