Osirium Privileged Access Management for Microsoft Azure

Osirium PAM Offers Rapid Cloud Deployment via The Azure Marketplace

By hosting applications in Azure, customers can start small and easily scale as demand grows. Using Osirium PAM hosted on Microsoft Azure, customers now have an easy to deploy and cost-effective cloud-based Privileged Access Management solution to eliminate the threats associated with unauthorised access while leveraging all of the benefits of cloud computing.

Osirium PAM is the world’s first, built-for-purpose Privileged Account Protection & Task Automation solution for today’s complex hybrid cloud environments. PAM sits at the heart of an organisation to protect infrastructure and critical assets, ensuring every action is accountable, visible and auditable. Osirium PAM ensures that privileged account credentials never exist on the users’ workstation, making interception an impossibility.

PAM from Osirium helps businesses of all sizes provide secure privileged access to critical assets and meet compliance requirements through the monitoring of all privileged accounts and managing access by eradicating the risks posed by sharing privileged account credentials by removing the need for them in the first place.

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Azure Installation Demonstration
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Learn how to install Osirium PAM (formerly known as “PxM Platform”) from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

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Azure Installation Demonstration

Azure Installation Demonstration

Learn how to install Osirium PAM from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.