4.6 is released, here's a note about Command Center

Published: 09 September 2015

Evil Beatings and Command Center

By Andy Harris

Here in the development team we're excited to release Osirium version 4.6. Mostly it's under the hood changes that mean we can support more sysadmins connecting to even more devices, applications and systems.

However, nestled under 'Device Access' is our new 'Command Center'. This innovative feature is designed with management overlords in mind. The TRAC story goes something like this:

As an overlord security manager "I want to see every session of every one of my sysadmins and third parties, live and on the same pane of glass".

Here's what it looks like:

Osirium Command Center

We're seeing snapshots of every live session going through Osirium being updated every five seconds, in a single glance our manager can see what's going on right now.

This feature is so fiendish, that we had to develop a whole new way of testing. Essentially we re-built our 'User Load' facility, which emulates any number of sysadmins continuously working on a range of RDP, SSH and Web Sessions.

This approach takes us to the next level. It takes the virtual sysadmins of 'User Load' and now works them 20 times harder

And, there's even more to Command Center, our 'overload security manager' can click on any one of the sessions for full screen live shadowing and a screenshot history:

Osirium live session history

He/she can go from the 10km view to shadowing an individual session in two clicks - one to get to an overview of the session as a stream of historical screenshots, and one more to get to the live shadowing.

While it may be serious fun to write the code that attempts to destroy Osirium operations, it really does show how well the product holds up under extreme load and yet still lets the manager know who did what, where and when. We're now building instrumentation with graphs showing metrics that will illustrate the differences between Osirium 4.5 and the 4.6. We'll get these up in a future blog.

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Wednesday, 9 September 2015
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Blog Post
Andy Harris