The danger of adding custom back up scripts to devices

Published: 19 January 2010

Centralised and automated backups are an everyday occurrence in the Windows and Unix worlds. We take it for granted. But having a the same level of protection and control within a estate of best of breed security devices (and some network devices for that matter) can be a bit hit and miss.

Some devices will do a good job at this, others not so good, and some not at all. Worst case is some devices require that you copy and setup custom backup scripts, often not even supported by the vendors that provide them! These setups carry a huge risk. They don't have logging or alerting built in. They don't have retry capability or disk space usage management. And worst of all, these can be completely over written when service packs or version upgrades are performed. Having a central backup solution that activity goes and fetches the backups and transfers and stores them securely completely removes these risks. Osirium can automate and secure all backups of the devices it is fronts. Access can be controlled as to who can generate the backup archives and who can download them. Osirium integrates into any business continuity plan and can help organizations maintain the smooth running of their business.

Release Date: 
Tuesday, 19 January 2010
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Blog Post