Evolution of Osirium

Published: 20 November 2009

Every time we discuss the idea of what Osirium can do we seem to find new and ever growing features and benefits it can offer.

One of the significant ones for me as a techie was the idea that we can use third party serial terminal servers to allow us to offer SysAdmins links not only to network based management interfaces like HTTPS and SSH but to also give them access to the lights out interface, and the serial console. Devices like Avocent's Cyclades offer a SSH to serial gateway in a multi interface 1U appliance. By placing several of these around the network in physical locations close enough to get serial console interface cables to reach, Osirium can then provision the configuration of the Cyclades devices and then offer the serial console as another connectivity method in the SysAdmin task bar app. What we would end up providing is a multistage path to the serial console, like this:

SysAdmin > token > SSH -> Osirium > SSO > Cyclades > Osirium SSO > Console Port

Strong authentication, two single sign one steps both with personalised accounts still gives full audit trail and all actions the SysAdmin undertakes are still fully audited on the end device.

Release Date: 
Friday, 20 November 2009
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Blog Post