Notes from ICE Totally Gaming 2016

Published: 10 February 2016

2016 ICE Totally Gaming Notes Andy Harris, ICE Totally Gaming Notes

By Andy Harris

Between us, the Osirium team have attended some big shows, however nothing quite as big or as 'reality suspended' as the ICE Totally gaming show. In the space of seconds we could have Software Engineers, Casino Owners, Test Engineers, Web Gambling Operators and Regulators visit our stand!

The Gaming world is highly regulated, (well at least in Europe) and falls roughly into two categories:

  • Bricks and Mortar, for example Casinos.
  • Online, like all those adverts you see!

The regulations have two main aims:

  • Know your customer. Who are they? How are they playing? Could they be damaging themselves? Are they even a real person or an automated bot?
  • Money Provenance. Where is the money coming from and flowing through your organisation? Are your games being used to launder money from the proceeds of crime?

So unlike the recent PCI conference, the visitors at this exhibition were more interested in preventing the insider attacks. Typical examples would be creating many free accounts for the use of external accomplices, or an adjustment of game probabilities and falsification of records. Some of the bigger organisations were interested in privileged accounts that may be used as back doors to their systems.

As we learned what visitors were interested in, we coined the phrase 'Know Your Administrator' and made demonstrations of Privileged User Management and Privileged User Analytics. For some, we spent time showing how Osirium performs account discovery and alerting. We met some amazing people and learned just how much money flows through on-line games every second of every day.

This show was a case of the Osirium Team against adversity. The mysterious 'Jeff' had signed for the delivery of our cracking new curved stand, projector and all the show giveaways. No one knew who jeff was, or where all our kit had got to. So there we were, in a blank white space, no branding and a single power outlet in the corner. A hour later we'd thrashed through the paperwork to hire a table and a large screen and two hours later the game was on!

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Wednesday, 10 February 2016
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Andy Harris