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Gartner’s roadmap to least privilege success – Complimentary Report

The Keys to Successful "Least Privilege"

Get your complimentary Gartner report - "Best Practices for Privileged Access Management

The rush to protect privileged accounts

Implementing the principle of "least privilege" - reducing privileges to the minimum level required and removing standing (i.e. "always-on") access to elevated or administrator accounts - is a key cybersecurity objective for many IT organisations and implementing a privileged access management strategy is an essential enabler for success.

"By 2022, 70% of organizations will implement privileged access management (PAM) practices for all use cases in the enterprise, which is a significant increase from 40% today." That’s what Gartner says in their report titled, “Best Practices for Privileged Access Management Through the Four Pillars of PAM.”

It's no wonder that most CISOs and CIOs are actively pursuing projects to actively manage access to privileged accounts, and remove unnecessary access when you consider how valuable they are. After all, these administrator or service accounts have access to your most valuable data and systems with the power to make dangerous changes deliberately or otherwise. Indeed, Gartner expects that “By 2022, 90% of organizations will recognize that mitigation of PAM risk is a fundamental security control, which is an increase from 70% today.”

Track and secure every privileged account

The report mentions the four key elements of a PAM environment to use as a roadmap for your implementation of a “least privilege” policy:

  • Track and secure every privileged account
  • Govern and Control Access
  • Record and Audit Privileged Activity
  • Operationalize Privileged Tasks

Automating secure operations

The Gartner pillars align closely with Osirium's portfolio of Privileged Access Management solutions. But one aspect of the report that really stands out is the move to embed PAM into day-to-day operations, which is fundamental to Osirium’s vision for delivering rigorous security while transforming operational effectiveness. The report launched before the availability of Osirium’s Opus which takes operationalization and automation to another level: it introduces secure, human-guided, cross-system automation with privilege management at its heart.

Download your complimentary copy of the report and let us know if you'd like to discuss your privileged account management needs with an Osirium expert.

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