Osirium PxM ServiceNow Integration


Here’s the video showing the integration between Osirium’s PxM Platform and ServiceNow. We’ve created a plug-in policy module for the Platform’s profiles which, when enabled, enforces a valid CMDB ticket requirement for every task or SSO session.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) taken – one step higher

ServiceNow is a CMDB (Change Management Database) product that manages the workflow of why SysAdmins and DevOps will access systems, our PXM platform manages the who, how and when of SSO and Task Automation. ServiceNow implements unique IDs for each ticket, whether it be change or incident based. The API allows our PXM platform to find these tickets and query their status for use in policy flow.

Here you’ll see both the reason and the authentication for connecting to a system brought together through logical automation.

The Platform not only checks the ticket, it logs its use internally and generates a CEF formatted syslog message.

Attackers now need so much more just to gain access to your systems:

  • The Privileged Credentials – these are long, strong, truly random and regularly changed. Furthermore, they never enter the users’ workstation environment, they are never displayed and they can’t be intercepted or phished from your users.
  • Even if an attacker could remotely control your SysAdmin or DevOps systems they’d need to know a valid CMDB (Change Management Database) ticket to get any further.
  • Insider wrong doing is deterred by the sheer level of accountability on the PXM Platform. Users can’t share credentials; the PXM platform enforces a ‘One Instance Only’ for user identities, Privileged Session Management (PSM) can record all user actions on systems, devices and applications.

Emergency Ticket Support – Accountability without impeding remediation’s

Many sites have an emergency ticket that is always open. This is for the occasional situation where systems need to be fixed and the paperwork done later. The PxM Platform supports this ticket type with full accountability and logging.

Find the video here!