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Tricky Handovers

I was in discussion last week with a programme manager at a large international retailer and he made a comment that got my attention. He said one of the most tricky aspects of project delivery is the handover from the project team to the operations team.

Often his project teams are architects that work through may configuration changes and fine tuning before finalising on a stable configuration. Often this also involves outside companies providing expert day rate consultancy help and on larger projects, dedicated contractors. Once the configurations are finalised and the project is put into production these project staff are no longer the key administrators of the systems. They now hand over to the ops guys. Typically a larger team with a more spread out skill base, they implement defined changes within strict parameters. I then explained to him that he could have a system in place, maybe on a project by project basis (and these are big projects: 20,000 remote access user infrastructure) that would allow him to keep track on who was working on the systems but allow the transition from project to ops to be much more controlled, audited and secure. Osirium I explained gives you a central place to manage this business process…

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