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Workflow,  Making Osirium the SysAdmin’s Choice for Privileged User Management

Osirium’s focus on Workflow usability means that organisations can benefit from security and productivity in tandem.

Watch the video to learn more about some of the SysAdmin friendly features of Osirium.

Removing the barriers in SysAdmin workflow is the key to greater productivity.

Many SysAdmins find that today’s security solutions act as a drag on their productivity. Another jump box, another set of credentials, another login procedure, all consume time before the proper work can start.

Three example features that make SysAdmins happier and more productive

  • Find that System: The search function of the Osirium Desktop Client searches across all available data; name, type, location, tools and meta data. If you’re looking for a database server in London you’ll find it quickly. Osirium will take you straight in, no jumpbox, no password lists. You’re ready to start managing.
  • Deal with Interruptions: The Privileged Task Manager in Osirium has a range of pre-configured tasks to deal with those inevitable daily interruptions. So if a user needs a password reset whilst you’re deep in routing tables, it’s just a click away.

Session Recording: Let’s face it, no-one likes big brother watching over their shoulder. If you work in finance, engineering or any other IPR/PCI sensitive company, monitoring will be a requirement. With Osirium the SysAdmins get to see exactly what is recorded. This means the auditors can see what happened to a system and not the hundreds of web searches that were needed to find the answer.

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