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Webinar: Why NHS security professionals should adopt a new approach to Privileged Access Management

Your Privileged Accounts are the cyber-attacker’s number one target…
…the good news is Osirium is here to help take control of Privileged Access Management.

Osirium’s PxM Platform is specially designed to stop cyber-attackers from hacking NHS operations. Whether your concern is about controlling external contractors, internal security breaches, or being able to clearly demonstrate compliance, take a look at Osirium. We’re a UK company, protecting UK customers, with support and advice right here in the UK.

To understand how Osirium can protect your Privileged Accounts from internal and external security threats, please join us for a Webinar at 10.00 am on Thursday 17th January where we’ll be exploring:

  • 80% of security breaches involve Privileged Accounts: how do you best protect them?
  • Third parties working with the NHS: empowering them while minimising risk
  • Inadvertent or otherwise: how to stop your staff causing a major security breach
  • Rapid resolutions: immediate ways to protect your Privileged Accounts

Privileged Account security in practice

Checkout use cases in the NHS of Privileged Access Management. Download the Osirium paper where we explore best practices for access control in the NHS, including password management, role-based access control, processes and controls.

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