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Automation Lead, Opus

Osirium are looking to fill the role outlined below…

  • Reading, United Kingdom
  • Negotiable
  • Permanent
  • No deadline

Who we are

We are a small team at Osirium, a UK cyber security and automation company.

Our products make people’s lives easier while helping companies achieve compliance. They provide alternatives to using over-privileged accounts for day-to-day tasks.

What we do

We are scaling up development of a new product called Opus. This is an early stage software project and is currently in beta testing with a handful of prospects.

We meet with customers and discuss their business processes, then find ways to automate them and make them safer and more efficient.

We are steadily building up a library of automation code that needs a home. When we work with a customer we create libraries that could solve similar problems in future. Tasks are built from these building blocks.

The next stage of the project is to establish and automate a cost-effective and sustainable process for delivering tasks to customers.

The product

Opus is a security-centric process automation product. Code runs in containers and uses a simple, declarative API to interact with a human operator. Businesses use Opus to safely delegate high-privilege tasks and processes to support teams.

Our tech stack

Opus tasks are primarily made with Python, although they can be made in any language.

We use:

  • Docker
  • Python 3 with type hints
  • Requests, Paramiko, Python-Ldap and Pypsrp

What we are looking for

You will be responsible for a body of automation code that is used to create tasks for our customers. You will develop new tasks, sometimes bolting together existing code and sometimes creating new automation technology for a variety of systems and protocols. The job will require a little reverse engineering from time to time. You will create user-friendly and well documented building blocks which we are proud to licence to customers for their own projects.

In the first 6 months you will establish a continuous integration system to build, test and deliver tasks and documentation. You will be responsible for the bedrock on which an entire professional services team will be built and rely on. The process that you establish will directly impact how cost-effective we can be. No pressure.

We currently have a straightforward, trust-based process that favours getting the work done over politics and prescriptive methods. This work is pioneering rather than stewardship.


Send me your CV to simon.engledew@osirium.com