Software Engineer

Osirium are looking to fill the role outlined below…

  • Reading, United Kingdom
  • Negotiable
  • Permanent
  • No deadline

Who we are

The Osirium PxM Platform protects privileged accounts by connecting the right people to the right devices with the least privilege account and at the right time. It automates and delegates tasks to reduce costs and records sessions for compliance and accountability.

We’re an innovative UK company taking on giants where everybody contributes to making a big difference. We care about every customer, we care about our security, and we care about getting things done as a team. The company is a fun place to work, with a challenging problem space.

What we do

Essentially, each user has a login on the PxM platform and the platform knows how to login and interact with devices and applications, so it can proxy interactive connections; or run automated or user-initiated tasks.

We can natively proxy SSH, RDP, telnet, SFTP, HTTP(S) and MSSQL, and we also have MAP servers for exposing Windows-based thick clients via RDP.

Our process is reasonably agile, we keep meetings to a minimum, and we score a rising 9-ish on the Joel test and we’re working on that.

Our tech stack

We have a broad tech stack and we’re not expecting you to be an expert in everything!

  • Ubuntu is at the heart of our software appliance
  • Python for our server backend. We rely on Twisted, SQLAlchemy and Celery
  • Postgres and Redis for data persistence
  • C#, WiX and NSIS for our desktop client and MAP Server
  • Nginx + Ruby on Rails + Smartclient for our UI
  • C for RDP proxying (XRDP-based)
  • wxWidgets
  • HAProxy for proxying and multiplexing TCP connections
  • Git for SCM and Jenkins for CI
  • make, Docker, dh-virtualenv, equivs-build and debhelper for our build system
  • Ansible and vSphere for our infrastructure-as-code

What we're looking for

We would like an inspiring engineer who is comfortable and capable of effecting change at the whole-system level. We run cross-functional teams and your day-to-day will mostly be within the server backend but you’ll frequently find yourself traversing the stack. Sometimes, you might go out to a customer site to check out a problem firsthand.

You’ll have the exciting opportunity to work on and shape a complex system where resource constraints matter. You’ll have a high degree of autonomy and supportive colleagues.

We would like you to bring experience in a few of the following areas:

  • Working with scale in mind
  • Decoupling and distributing systems
  • Testing
  • Mentoring
  • Code reviewing


Python is at the core of our tech stack and is a key skill. Beyond that, we’d like to see some outstanding ability in a few of the other items from the tech stack or experience list and an eagerness to learn!

You probably should have at least some interest in security – you don’t need to be an expert but you do need to care.


If you believe you have the right skills and wish to develop your expertise in cyber-security, this unique opportunity working for a UK creator of world beating software is worth a conversation. If you would like to be considered at this exciting time of our development and global expansion, send me your CV along with some code samples you’re proud of,