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Find out more about the team behind the UK’s leading Privileged Access Management and accountability solution.


Global Privileged Access Management Innovators

Osirium’s experienced management team has its roots firmly in IT security, helping thousands of organisations over the past 25 years protect and transform their IT security services, before founding Osirium Ltd in 2008 and establishing its headquarters near Reading, UK.

The Osirium team have intelligently combined the latest generation of cyber-security and automation technology to create the world’s first, built-for-purpose, privileged account protection and task automation solution for the hybrid-cloud world; The PxM Platform, which has been tried and tested by some of the world’s biggest brands and public sector bodies.

Osirium helps organisations drive down Business Risks, Operational Costs and meet IT Compliance.

The Osirium PxM Platform

Our innovative 2nd generation Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution helps customers prevent targeted cyberattacks from accessing privileged accounts and opening massive security holes in their critical IT infrastructure, leaving them open to malicious attacks and data loss.

Unlike other 1st generation PAM vendors which are complex and expensive to install and maintain, Osirium’s second generation solutions are simple for customers to deploy and use. Using an ‘Identity In, Role Out’ model we avoid the need for Privileged Accounts to receive passwords, or for passwords to exist on their workstations. How can the cyberattacker steal what’s not there?

In addition, our innovative Robotic Task Automation technology significantly reduces the cyberattack surface and delivers over 95% time savings in completing Privileged Tasks. For this outstanding innovation, Osirium was awarded a Gartner Cool Vendor award.

The Benefits of Osirium

In today’s hybrid-cloud era, protecting IT assets is more complex than ever, with legacy IT systems, virtualized environments and 3rd party out-sourced service providers engaged across public and private clouds. With such a dispersed infrastructure, the privileged insider and outsider have become inter-changeable and the traditional idea of the security perimeter has dissolved.

Whether your IT infrastructure is in the cloud, on premise or a hybridised mix of both, Osirium protects your critical assets and transforms privileged management activities by automating tasks. Complex, time-consuming or volume based activities can now be automated and executed securely and error-free, particularly useful when out-sourcing services to 3rd parties or the Help Desk.

Positioned at the heart of an organisation’s infrastructure, Osirium secures all system administration activities and provides a real-time overview, ensuring every change is accountable, visible and auditable. Such transparency in action reduces operational risk through Osirium’s least privileged access model and its flexibility in meeting the many different compliance needs in today’s hybrid-cloud infrastructures.

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Meet the team behind the UK's leading Privileged Access Management innovator.

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