3.1. Home tab

The HOME tab is the default tab which can’t be closed. It provides a high level overview of PxM Platform and contains the following information:

Heading Description
Small users icon Enabled Users Connected: displays the current number of users logged onto PxM against the total number of PxM user accounts that are permitted to log on, access devices and run tasks.
Small Osirium icon PxM Virtual Appliance HDD free: This figure is the sum of the total internal and external disk (if configured) space available. The pie chart is a graphical representation of the information. See Manage files for more information.
Small devices icon Enabled devices

Accessible: displays the current number of devices that have a green/amber status icon on the Manage devices page against the total number of accessible devices.

Unmanaged: displays the total number of devices that are not managed by PxM but the username and credentials are saved in PxM.

CONNECTIONS (Last 24 hrs) Shows a timeline representing the last 24 hours. The blue blocks represent connections to devices, with the left-hand legend indicating the device name and access level. The green and red semicircles indicate client sessions being connected and disconnected respectively. See Analytics for details.

Messages will be displayed to warn against:

  • Licensing issues.
  • Email send failures.
  • Account source connection problems.
  • Session Recording dropped frames.

WebUI Home page screenshot

3.1.1. Shortcut Keys

The following shortcut key combinations can be used to quickly open and navigate to the various pages.

Key combinations Action
CTRL+ALT+M Home (Summary)
CTRL+ALT+F Universal search
CTRL+ALT+D Manage devices
CTRL+ALT+S Manage users
CTRL+ALT+P Manage profiles
CTRL+ALT+Q Opens a quick queue table

3.1.3. Help

The Help window provides the full in-line help information. There are a number of ways the in-line help can be accessed. The following methods will navigate to the Help section for the page of the Web Management Interface you are on:

  • Click Help in the top right-hand corner.
  • Right-click within the white space of the workspace and then click the Small help icon Help option within the context menu.