5. Personal section

The Personal section in the left-hand menu gives you access to your devices, tasks and files.

5.1. My devices

WebUI My devices table

Lists all the devices available to you in the PxM Client, with the following additional information:

Heading Description
Hostname The device hostname.
Last activity The last time any PxM user connected to the device.

Device detail page

You can get to a device’s detail page from the My devices page by:

  • Clicking on the name of the device; or

  • Right-clicking the device and choosing Show device iconShow device from the context menu.

    WebUI My device detail page

The Device detail page allows you to execute tasks against a device and see when each task was last executed.

Executable tasks

Normally it would be easier to execute tasks via the PxM Client. However, the Executable tasks table additionally allows you to see:

  • When the task was last executed on the given device (by any user).
  • What inputs the task requires.

To execute a task, click the Execute icon icon.

If a task requires inputs, it will have a Expansion icon icon. Clicking on the icon will reveal the names of the required inputs.

5.2. My tasks

WebUI My tasks table

Lists all the recent device tasks you have performed, showing:

Heading Description
Timestamp Date/time the task was executed on a device.
Event Provides a Green status iconSuccess or Red status iconFailed task status.
Task Name of the task that was run on the device.
Device Name of the device which the task was run against.

Context menu options are available when you right-click an entry. See General usage section for other options available.

5.3. My files

WebUI My files table

Lists all the files (created by any user) associated with the devices you have access to. For example, backups and techouts will appear on this page.

Files can be downloaded by clicking the Save icon icon or right-clicking and choosing Download file from the context menu.


Files can only be downloaded if you have been given the Download file permission.

5.4. Change password

WebUI Change password window

If you log onto PxM using an external authentication mechanism, such as a RADIUS server, this option will not be visible.

Otherwise, using this feature is exactly the same as clicking Change password on the PxM Client context menu.

5.5. Reset Interface

User preferences are stored per PxM user. Clicking on the Reset interface will clear any preferences which have been applied.

Therefore, the following will be reset:
  • ‘Don’t ask me again’ checkbox will be unchecked.
  • Table column widths.
  • Any open tabs will be closed.
  • Filters applied to tables.