2. Virtual Appliance Initial Configuration

Once the PxM Virtual Appliance has been successfully setup land configured, you will need to log on using the PxM Client and upload a valid licence to get started.

  1. Make sure the PxM Virtual Appliance is switched on and make a note of the https address displayed on the Console window.

    Setup complete

  2. Depending on the operating system you are using on your workstation, use one of the following PxM Client installation guides to install your PxM Client.

  3. Open the PxM Client and login:

    • Address: <HTTPS PxM IP Address>
    • Username: auperadmin
    • Password: <Primary superadmin password, set during the setup and configuration process>


    You may be required to confirm that the PxM Virtual Appliance fingerprint is correct before you can continue. The PxM Virtual Appliance fingerprint can be found on the page you download the PxM Client from.

  4. Once successfully logged into the client you will be presented with the PxM Client interface, double-click Browser (HTTP) under Osirium Server.

    Client interface

  5. The Web Management Interface will open in a browser window. Within the Welcome window, you will be asked to upload a valid PxM licence before you can start using the PxM Platform. Click Browse and select the licence file provided by Osirium.

    Webui get started

  6. Click Upload.

  7. Click Acknowledge within the Action notifications window. Your browser will now be refreshed and you are ready to start.

  8. The Welcome to the PxM Platform page provides a get started quick guide.

    • Template library: the latest template bundle can be downloaded from our Software release page Templates are a prerequisite for provisioning devices within the PxM Platform.
click Template Library to upload the latest

templates. You are now ready to start using Osirium.


For more information, see Uploading the Template in the PxM Admin Guide..

Webui get started

  1. Complete the following tasks as necessary:

    • Create a user.


      For more information, see Creating users in the PxM Admin Guide..

    • Enable the Active Directory user account source.


      For information, see the Active Directory section in the PxM Admin Guide.

    • Configure RADIUS integration.


      For more information, see Osirium RADIUS Configuration in the PxM Admin Guide..