2. PxM Client Feature List

2.1. Feature matrix

The following matrix provides an overview of the features available depending on the client you are using.

  Feature PxM Client for Windows PxM Client for macOS
Installation Downloadable from the PxM Virtual Appliance X X
  Easy installation wizard X X
  Running multiple clients X X
  Auto updating X X
  Uninstalling X X
Menu options Login X X
  Logout X X
  Change Password X X
  Show Logs X  
  About X X
  Exit X X
  Create a Techout file X  
  Customisable Tools   X
Interface Access Time Windows X X
  Change Ticket Management Tool X X
  Device status indicator X X
  Pin devices to the top X  
  Collapse All device lists X X
  Expand All device lists X X
  Client colour X  
  Regular expression search X X
  Substring search X X
Device access Open tools X X
  Run tasks X X