1. Introduction

This chapter introduces you to the PxM Client for macOS, covering:

1.1. What is a PxM Client?

The PxM Client can be installed on a workstation and run in the menu bar.

It provides the user with:

  • Access to single sign-on to devices managed by the virtual appliance.
  • The ability to run device tasks.
  • Access to the Web Management Interface.

The PxM Client dynamically updates devices, tools and tasks to reflect which devices and privileges the user has been granted.

Mac Client access

1.2. Prerequisites

Before you install the PxM Client for macOS ensure the following prerequisites have been met:

  • macOS/OSX 10.9 or above.

  • Safari 10 or above / Google Chrome 60 or above.

  • PxM Virtual Appliance Address provided by your SuperAdmin.

  • Username/Password provided by your SuperAdmin.


    Depending on how your PxM Platform has been configured, this can either be a local PxM account or an external account.