5. Running multiple PxM Clients

This chapter explains how to run multiple PxM Client instances to connect to different PxM Virtual Appliances and how to change the colour of the desktop to distinguish between the different PxM Virtual Appliances you are connecting to, covering:

5.1. Running multiple PxM Clients

You can simultaneously connect to more than one PxM Platform by running several instances of the PxM Client.

When multiple Clients are running, the PxM Client icons in the System Tray will be adorned with their respective instance numbers Client numbered icon.


No instance number will be shown within the PxM Client icon if:

  • only one instance is running; or
  • that instance has a custom client colour.

5.2. PxM Client colour

The PxM Client can be colour-coded to help distinguish between connections to different PxM Virtual Appliance.

When configured by your superadmin, the specified colour will appear as a border around the PxM Client icon and within the PxM Client interface window.

In the example below, the colour has been set to purple.

Client Custom colour