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Restore from backup procedure

This section covers:

Restore process workflow

The following steps describe how to restore your PxM Virtual Appliance using a backup file.

Software packages and downloads

To download the latest PxM Virtual Appliance software release package for deployment into your infrastructure, click here.

To download earlier versions of the PxM Platform software packages, please contact Osirium support by clicking here.

Deploying the PxM Virtual Appliance

Deployments into the supported infrastructures vary. Click on the infrastructure you are deploying into to view the correct deployment steps.

Restore procedure

  1. Once the PxM Virtual Appliance has been successfully deployed into your infrastructure you will need to run through the setup and configuration.
    On the new deployed PxM Virtual Appliance open the Console window.

  2. Within the Console window, press ENTER when prompted. Enter setup

  3. Read and accept the EULA to continue. eula

  4. Within the Configure networking screen, configure the following virtual appliance settings. Press TAB to navigate between the fields.

    • IP Address: Enter either:
      • the same IP address/hostname of the PxM Virtual Appliance being restored. Making sure the appliance being replaced has been turned off or removed from the network to ensure there are no conflicts.
      • a new IP address/hostname.
      • or a new network configuration if the PxM Virtual Appliance is being moved to a different datacentre/network.
    • Netmask: Enter the network mask.
    • Gateway: Enter the network default gateway IP address.
    • Primary DNS: Enter the network primary DNS IP address.
    • (Secondary DNS): Enter the secondary DNS IP address if relevant, else leave blank.

    configure networking

  5. TAB down to the OK button and press ENTER.

  6. Wait while the system is configured.

  7. When you get to the PxM Platform Restore screen, SFTP onto the virtual appliance using the IP address, username and password stated. sftp details

  8. Copy the backup file you want to restore with to the virtual appliance. Once successfully copied, the PxM Platform Restore screen will update and the copied backup file will appear in the list.

    Backup restore file

  9. Select the restore backup file copied and now listed.

  10. TAB down to the OK button and press ENTER.

  11. Enter the Master Encryption Key belonging to the PxM Virtual Appliance backup file.


  12. TAB down to the OK button and press ENTER.

  13. Enter a hostname.

  14. TAB down to the OK button and press ENTER.

  15. Wait while the system is configured. A configuration screen appears and the backup is installed.

    PxM Virtual Appliance Console

Post restore tasks

Once the backup has successfully installed, log onto the PxM Virtual Appliance using the PxM Client.

Before allowing users to connect back to the restored PxM Virtual Appliance:

  • Ensure the devices run successfully.

  • Ensure the devices are still accessible through the PxM Client.