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Change tickets

The topics covered in this section are:

Change tickets report

The change ticket report lists all the device connections and tasks that have been performed under a formal change request ticket.

For a user to be prompted to enter a change ticket when connecting to a device or running a device task, a profile has to be configured with the correct Change ticket required setting. See Creating a New Profile and Enforcing Change Tickets.

Change ticket report

The following information is provided in the report:

Heading Description
Row expand Click to view the comments made.
Name Reference of the change ticket used.
Active If checked, indicates that the user still has the change ticket open in the Change ticket management tool.
Most recent user The name of the user who last acted under the change ticket.
Updated at The date and time the change ticket was last updated.
Device connections The number of device connections made under the change ticket.
Tasks The number of tasks that were run under the change ticket.
Comments The number of comments that have been made against the change ticket.

Change ticket detail page

To view the Change ticket detail page, either:

  • Click a name within the Name column.
  • Highlight a ticket, right-click and select Show.

Change Ticket Detail page

Change Ticket Activity tab

The Change ticket detail page provides information relating to the specific ticket and allows you to view the user history and activity in more detail.