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Restarting and reinstating nodes

This section covers:

Stopping and restarting PAM Cluster nodes

Nodes within a PAM Cluster can be stopped at anytime but before stopping ensure users are logged off and there are no open device connections or device tasks running. If a node needs to be taken off line then use virtual appliance level Shut Down to allow for work in progress to be considered before shutting down. If you use the virtual appliance level Power Off there is a risk that corruption may occur.

When a node is stopped or fails the rest of the PAM Cluster will continue to operate but users logging onto the node will be disconnected and will be required to log onto a different node. When the node is started up again, the data will be automatically synchronised and the node will catchup with the rest.

If all nodes in a cluster go down due to power outage then when power has been restored you can simply power them all on at once.

Reinstating a failed node

If a node has failed and can not be reinstated then it can be recovered using a VM level backup. Once the node has been reinstated it will automatically catchup at the next synchronisation interval.


Failed nodes can not be reinstated using a PAM Server level backup.