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Reinstating a failed PAM Server

This section covers:

Backup and restore overview

The PAM Server restore procedure requires a backup file so it is important that regular backups of the PAM Server are taken and kept in accordance with your corporate recovery strategy. This will enable a PAM Server to be restored from a backup when a system failure occurs.

If your PAM Servers are in a clustered environment we strongly recommend that VM level backups are performed on all nodes. Once the node has been reinstated it will automatically catchup at the next synchronisation interval.


A PAM Server generated backup file is a backup of the leader node only and can only be used to rebuild a new cluster leader.

If you restore the PAM Server backup file you are building a new cluster with a new leader node on it's own. You will then have to recreate all follower nodes from scratch and join them to the new cluster.

For this reason we strongly recommend that VM level backups are performed on all nodes


If your session recordings are saved to an external file store they will not be included in a VM level backup file or a PAM Server generated backup file.

The restore process allows you to reinstate your existing PAM Server configurations onto a new PAM Server using a VM level backup.

Upgrade and restore paths

The following table provides an overview of the upgrade and restore paths depending on the version restoring from and to, and also which upgrade path requires a backup/restore as a straight upgrade is not possible due to the changes in the system.

The links in the table will take you to the corresponding upgrade and restore procedure.

If you are unsure which is the correct upgrade and restore path for your environment please contact Osirium Support for help.

Current PAM version Upgrade to PAM version Backup/restore required?
7.0 Latest 7.x version No, click here for details.
6.5.4 Latest 7.x version Yes, click here for details.
6.1.4 or lower Latest 6.x or 7.x version Contact Osirium support for details.

The following diagram displays the different upgrade and restore paths to follow depending on the PAM version you are currently using. To ensure a smooth upgrade ensure these upgrade paths are followed.

Upgrade paths

To upgrade or restore a PAM Server from a version earlier than 5.2.x, please contact Osirium Support for help.