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Tag: <pagemarker> - End of Page Marker and Response Tag


The <pagemarker> tag is used to check for and respond to pagination messages. Some devices cannot have pagination turned off to make them scripting friendly. For these devices any command response longer than one page may prompt the user to press a key to continue, i.e. '--MORE--'.

This tag has the following attributes:


  • send_for_next (str): The character or string to send. This is typically a space.

  • Element Text (str): This is a regular expression that is used to match any message at the end of each page of output.

Osirium PAM will automatically keep sending next page characters until the defined shell prompt is seen, then Osirium PAM will process all the data at once.

Example: Pagination Example

This is a simple example of looking for the text string --More-- and then sending a space character to continue.

<pagemarker send_for_next=' '>--More--</pagemarker>

Parent Tags

Child Tags

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