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Installation and Set Up

This guide provides instructions on how to install and configure the PAM UI.


From PAM Server v7.2.0 onwards the PAM UI is automatically installed and configured as part of the PAM Server installation, eliminating the need for a separate PAM UI install. However, depending on your deployment model, there may be instances where a separate PAM UI is required.


The PAM UI is a virtual appliance, so you will need a hypervisor infrastructure to deploy the PAM UI. Before deploying review the prerequisites below to ensure the correct resources are available.



Ensure TCP ports 22, 443 and 9002 are open as they are required to communicate with Osirium PAM.

Click here for a full list of ports used by the Osirium PAM.

Software download

The software installation package is supplied in Open Virtual Appliance (OVA) and Virtual hard disk (VHD) formats, ready for deployment into your existing virtual infrastructure.

To download the latest PAM UI software, click here.