Upgrading the PxM MAP Server

This section covers:


The PxM MAP Server should be upgraded in line with the PxM Virtual Appliance release versions.

When upgrading consider the following features that have been introduced and how you might want to upgrade your current system.

  • The shared secret of a PxM MAP Server can now be manually set during installation rather than one being generated for you at random. This allows you to set a shared secret inline with your password policies but also allows you to add a single PxM MAP Server to multiple PxM Virtual Appliances.

  • When provisioning a thick application, PxM MAP Server connections can be configured to use Active Directory accounts by provisioning the thick application using a MAP enabled template (requires an authentication service).

  • Personal user accounts are created on the PxM MAP Server the first time a user logs on. This allows each user to have a personal profile on the PxM MAP Server they connect to and is used each time they connect to a thick application on that PxM MAP Server.


If you are using multiple PxM MAP Servers, we recommend configuring MAP server groups with all PxM MAP Servers in the same group using the same shared secret.

Software download

The installation file is supplied as an MSI, ready for deployment onto a Windows Server.

To download the latest PxM MAP Server installation file, for use with PxM 5.4.0 or above:

  1. Go to the PxM MAP Server Installer download page section of the Software Releases page.

  2. From the table, download the installation file and copy to the Windows Server that will host the PxM MAP Server.

    A SHA256 checksum is available to verify the download integrity.


Before starting an upgrade ensure you have taken a backup or snapshot of the PxM MAP Server.

To upgrade to the latest PxM MAP Server, your PxM Virtual Appliance must be upgraded to a version 5.4.0 or higher.

If your PxM Virtual Appliance is on version 5.3.3 or earlier, you can only upgrade the PxM MAP Server to version 5.3.1. Contact Osirium Support for the PxM MAP Server installation file and further details.


For details on upgrading your PxM Virtual Appliance, see the PxM Virtual Appliance Upgrade Guide.

Upgrade procedure

  1. Within the Windows Server, run the PxM MAP Server installation file. The MAP Server Setup window appears.

    MAP Server Setup Welcome wizard

  2. Click Next.

  3. Within the End-User License Agreement window, read and accept the license agreement. MAP Server EULA

  4. Click Next.

  5. Within the Destination Folder window, accept the default folder location or specify a location of your choice.

    MAP Server folder


    If installing to a location different to where the PxM MAP Server was previously installed, the files in the old location will be tidied up.

  6. Click Next.

  7. On the Enter your shared secret window you have a number of options to choose from which are:

    1. To continue using the existing shared secret ensure you check the Checked box Use existing shared secret checkbox.

      Use existing shared secret

    2. To enter a new shared secret created by you: changing from the generated shared secret to supplying your own shared secret will require you to remove and re-add the PxM MAP Server through the Web management Interface.

      To do this:

      • Uncheck the Use existing shared secret checkbox.
      • Enter your shared secret.
      • Once you have finished upgrading your PxM MAP Server:
        • Log onto the Web Management Interface
        • Select MAP servers in the left-hand menu.
        • On the Manage MAP Servers page click on the MAP Server(s) that need to be re-added and make a note of the MAP server groups each one belongs to. You will notice that on the named MAP Server page there is an error and a status of Incorrect Shared Secret. Shared secret error
      • Delete the MAP Server(s).
      • Click on New MAP Server and add the PxM MAP Server making sure to select the relevant MAP server groups and unchecking Unchecked box Generate new shared secret so you can enter the shared secret set during the upgrade. Generate shared secret unchecked


      For further details, see Adding the MAP server to PxM section in the PxM Administrator’s Guide.

  8. Click Next.

  9. To enable the MAP server to send logs to a syslog server:

    • Within the Add Logging Server window, select Setup Log Server?.
    • Provide your Server Address and Server Port details.

    We recommend using your PxM Virtual Appliance as your syslog server so you can view syslog messages in the Web Management Interface. See Administrators Guide > Logs

    MAP Server logging

  10. Click Next.

  11. Within the Ready to install MAP Server window, click Install. The installation process begins.

    MAP Server ready to install

  12. Within the Completed the MAP server Setup Wizard window, click Finish.

    MAP Server finish installation

  13. Within the MAP Server Setup window, click Yes to restart your system.