Upgrading the PEM Server

Please contact Osirium for details on where to get the latest PEM Server release.


This guide users the vSphere HTML 5 client as an example, but other hypervisors will have a similar process.

In vSphere, you'll need to upload your ISO to a suitable datastore.

Once you've downloaded the PEM Server ISO you'll need to power off the PEM Server. Right-click it and select **Power -> Shut Down Guest OS


Wait for the PEM Server to shut down, then right-click the virtual machine again and select Edit Settings.


Toggle CD/DVD drive 1. Look for CD/DVD Media and click the BROWSE... button. Select the new PEM Server ISO from the datastore.


Finally, power on the virtual machine. The PEM Server will now boot and apply any database migrations automatically.

The server will finish booting after a few minutes. Check the version number in the configuration tab of the PEM Management Interface to confirm your upgrade.