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- name: Get Domain Admins
    # Get connection details from a secure vault
    - hashicorp_vault.key_value.read_secret_keys:
        secret: active_directory
          - name: address
          - name: domain
          - name: username
            sensitive: true
          - name: password
            sensitive: true
        create_missing: true
      save: connection_details

    # Connect to AD and find the Domain Admins group
    - active_directory.groups.search:
          sAMAccountName: Domain Admins
        domain_controller: connection_details
      save: groups

    # Get all users in the Domain Admins group
    - active_directory.groups.get_users:
        nested: true
        distinguishedName: groups.0.distinguishedName
        domain_controller: connection_details
      save: domain_admins
    # Display a table of all domain admins
    - active_directory.groups.output_table:
        text: All Domain Admins
        groups: domain_admins
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