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This guide is for VMware vSphere 6.

Installation of PPA should take around 5 minutes.

You will:

  • Create a new virtual machine.
  • Power it on and note down the appliance's IP address.


This guide is for the vSphere HTML5 client.

Creating the Virtual Machine

Deploy OVF Template

Right-clicking a folder in the Hosts and Clusters pane of vSphere will show the actions menu. Select the Deploy OVF Template action:

Actions menu

This will open the Deploy OVF Template dialog.

Select an OVF template

For new deployments, download the latest OVA here:

Either download and verify the OVA locally, or deploy PPA directly from our website using the URL text box:

Deploy OVF Template – Select an OVF template

Select a name and folder

Select the folder where PPA will be deployed and give the new virtual machine a name:

Deploy OVF Template – Select a name and folder

Select a compute resource

Select a resource pool for the virtual machine to use:

Deploy OVF Template – Select a compute resource

Review details

Review the OVA information:

Deploy OVF Template – Review details

License agreements

Read and accept the license agreements:

Deploy OVF Template – License agreements

Select storage

Select the datastore the virtual machine will be deployed to:

Deploy OVF Template – Select storage

Select networks

Select a network to connect the virtual machine to:

Deploy OVF Template – Select networks

Ready to complete

Review and accept the settings:

Deploy OVF Template – Ready to complete

The OVA will now begin to deploy. Follow its progress in the Recent Tasks pane.


Do not detach the ISO from the virtual machine at any point, even after the VM has been deployed.

The ISO contains the system OS, and PPA will break if it is detached.


The PPA OVA is configured for proof of concepts and small deployments.

Allocate more virtual CPUs / RAM and increase the persistent storage disk size for a production deployment.

If in doubt, please contact for help and guidance.

First Boot

Powering on

The virtual machine will be in the powered off state by default. Once the virtual machine has finished deploying, right-click it and select Power > Power On:

Actions > Power > Power On


On first boot PPA will attempt to acquire an address using DHCP. VMware Tools will launch after a couple of minutes and report the IP address to vSphere:

Virtual Machine - Summary


It may take a while for VMware to report the IP address.

The IP address of the appliance is also available via the Remote Console by typing ip addr show eth0.

Next steps

The next step is configuration.