Tutorial - Introduction

This tutorial will guide you through creating a PPA Playbook.

The task in the example is simple, but covers key concepts to get you started.

Beginner Friendly

  • This tutorial assumes no existing knowledge of PPA Playbooks

  • Inline links to relevant feature documentation are used throughout

Task Summary

In this tutorial we'll automate a privileged Active Directory operation.

The finished Playbook will enable the Task Operator to:

  • Search for an Active Directory user
  • Select one or more Active Directory groups
  • Add the user to the groups

Tutorial Contents

The Playbook tutorial has 3 steps:

  1. Supplying Task Information
  2. Defining the High-Level Process
  3. Adding the Automated Actions

The page for each step includes a description & the Playbook snippet.

Playbook Progess

See Updated Playbook at the bottom of each page to watch the task progress.