User interface features

This section walks you through the logon process and introduces you to the PxM UI features.

This section covers:


Before logging on to the PxM UI ensure the following prerequisites have been met.

Supported browsers

  • Google Chrome 70 or above. (Recommended)
  • Internet Explorer 11 or above.
  • Microsoft Edge.
  • Firefox.

Logon credentials

The following should be provided by your PxM SuperAdmin.

  • PxM UI web address.

  • PxM Virtual Appliance address.

  • PxM user credentials. Depending on how the PxM Platform has been configured, this will either be a local PxM user account or an existing external account (Active Directory or RADIUS).

  • Multi factor token code if being used.

Logging on

  1. To connect to the PxM UI open up a browser window and type in the web address provided. Once connected to the web page you will be presented with the PxM UI login window.

    PxM User Interface login

  2. To login enter the following:

    Field name Description
    Hostname Enter the address (IP Address or hostname) of the PxM Virtual Appliance you want to connect to.
    Username/Password Enter your PxM user credentials as advised by your PxM SuperAdmin. To view the password entered click on the Eye-Open.
    Token code If your PxM SuperAdmin has provided a multi factor token code then enter it here. Only after successful verification of both the password and token code will you be logged in.
  3. Click Login. If successfully authenticated you will be presented with the PxM UI.

    PxM User Interface

The interface of the PxM UI contains the navigation menu, main workspace and the search engine.

  • Use the left-hand menu to easily navigate between your privileged access lists and other actions available. Your selection will drive the content in the main workspace.

  • The main workspace is the center of the interface. The Devices list will be the initial view shown in the main workspace when you've logged in. The information within the main workspace will then be updated upon selecting different menu option.

From the left-hand menu the following options are available:

Customising your view:

Option Description
Menu collapse Collapses the left-hand menu so only the icons are visible.
Menu expand Expands the left-hand menu so icons and menu headings are visible.

Navigating to your access lists:

Option Description
Devices Presents a filtered alphabetical list showing all devices and tools available to you. The account/role that will be used to single sign-on to the device tool is also listed.
Tasks Presents a filtered alphabetical list showing all the device tasks that can be executed by you.
Credentials Presents a filtered alphabetical list of all device credentials you require to logon to devices. If an account has been disabled you will not be able to view or update the password.

Other actions available:

Option Description
Change Password A PxM user can change their own account password. Only available for locally authenticated PxM user accounts and NOT PxM user accounts authenticated through Active Directory or RADIUS.
Logout Logs you out of your current PxM Virtual Appliance connection and navigates you back to the PxM UI login page. All open device sessions will also be disconnected.

On each filtered list - Devices, Tasks and Credentials page a search facility is available to help you quickly narrow down the list presented and match a specified criteria. As soon as you start typing in the search criteria the list below will start to update.