Tag: <devicetemplates> - Device Templates Group


The <devicetemplates> tag is a group tag that is used to hold multiple <task> tags. It also has some attributes that define some of the basic template information.

This tag has the following attributes:


  • locale (str): This defines the country encoding type of the template. This is always set to: GB_en

  • ondevice (int) : This defines the minimum |pxm| version that is required to use this template. The template may use tags or attributes that will not function on any version earlier than this.

There is only ever one <devicetemplates> tag in any one device template. It acts as the root tag for the template.

Multiple template files are read into the main templates file by merging multiple <devicetemplate> tags inside the one main <devicetemplates> tag.


The <devicetemplates> tag is used like this:

<devicetemplates locale="GB_en" template_format="4.1">

Parent Tags

  • None

Child Tags