4. Restoring your PxM Virtual Appliance

This chapter provides the instructions on how to restore your PxM Virtual Appliance from a backup file.

Once you have confirmed that you have a current backup or taken a successful backup of your PxM Virtual Appliance you can start the restore process.

Restoring your PxM Virtual Appliance from a backup file allows you to reinstate your existing configuration onto a new PxM Virtual Appliance. Either because you are upgarding to a version that requires a backup/restore process or your production PxM Virtual Appliance has failed.


For futher information, see Backup the PxM Virtual Appliance.

This chapter provides an overview of the steps required to restore your PxM Virtual Appliance from a backup file.

4.1. PxM Virtual Appliance restore procedure

The following steps describe how to restore your PxM Virtual Appliance from a backup.


Before continuing, complete the backup and restore prerequisites.

  1. Download the latest PxM software release from the Software Releases page.


    A SHA256 checksum is available to verify the download integrity.

  2. Log on to your existing infrastructure platform and begin deploying the PxM Virtual Appliance. When prompted, make a note of the following details:

    • SFTP to
    • username
    • password

    Osirium Restore


    For more information, see the relevant installation guide for your infrastructure on the Osirium Documentation page.

  3. SFTP on to the PxM Virtual Appliance using the username and password noted above.

  4. Copy the PxM Server TGZ backup file to the upload folder on the PxM Virtual Appliance.


    Do not change the directory.

  5. When the PxM Server backup file successfully copies, the PxM Platform Restore screen updates and the copied backup file appears on the list.

    Osirium Restore 2

  6. Select the restore backup file from the list and press ENTER.

  7. Press ENTER to confirm the restoration of the PxM Server.

  8. Enter the Master Encryption Key for the PxM Server you want to back up and press ENTER.


    The Master Encytion Key should have been noted during the initial installation and configuration of the PxM Virtual Appliance and kept safe, in line with your company policy.

  9. Provide a hostname and press ENTER. A configuration screen appears and the backup is installed.

  10. Once the backup has successfully installed, log onto the PxM Virtual Appliance using the PxM Client.

4.2. Post-restore tasks

Before allowing users to connect back to the restored PxM Virtual Appliance:

  • Ensure the devices run successfully.

  • Ensure the devices are still accessible through the PxM Client.

  • Reschedule the Regenerate Account Passwords for all devices tasks within the profiles.


    For more information, see Prerequisites.