Kev Pearce to speak at e-crime congress

Published: 22 August 2014

Kev Pearce, CTO and Co-Founder of Osirium is to speak at the prestigious e-crime congress - London - 23rd October 2014 Click Here for Seminar Details

Members of the Osirium sales and marketing team will be on hand to demonstrate Osirium's Privileged User Management, Privileged Task Management and Privileged Session Recording.

We've put together an interactive challenge for you to pit your e-crime analytical skills against - there could be prizes!

Over his 17 years of IT security consulting Kev Pearce has seen many abuses of Administration Privilege, from simple mistakes that take a company down, through simple email and data voyeurism and onto IPR and stock theft to full-on embezzlement.

Kev has picked 5 incidents to examine showing how SysAdmins and other privileged users can be both attacked, and be the attacker. Kev believes that no security solution should impede the work of a genuine sysadmin; he'll show how a well constructed security solution like Osirium saves time and money whilst reducing risk and delivering compliance.

Kev will cover a wide range of Privileged User Management topics including:

  • Some of the classic mistakes that organisations make and how these mistakes allow attackers to jump from system to system in their hunt for precious data.
  • Some of the more ingenious methods that attackers use to harvest credentials.
  • The components of a solution that deals with these issues and lets you quickly know if you have an internal or external attack in progress.
  • How this works in a world where more and more IT services are outsourced and vendors/3rd Parties require remote access.

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Friday, 22 August 2014
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