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How to change the PxM Platform’s IP Address

This article provides the necessary steps on how to change the IP address of an existing Osirium server.


  • Ensure the osirium_support account is enabled and you know the password. Otherwise enable the account and reset the password before logging off.
  • All Desktop Clients should be logged off.
  • These instructions apply to Osirium version 2.5.x and above.

Changing the PxM Platform IP Address

  • Use the Pxm Platform console
  • Open up your virtual machine platform management interface and login.
  • Select the PxM Platform virtual machine and click the Console tab.
  • Click within the Console window. Make sure Troubleshooting is highlighted and then hit ENTER.
  • Enter the Username and password of a SuperAdmin Account.
  • Tab down to and hit ENTER.
  • Use the arrow keys to navigate down to Change IP address. When highlighted hit ENTER.
  • Within Update IP Address, update the Address and then tab down to . Hit ENTER.
  • If you wish to proceed, then tab down to and hit ENTER.
  • You will see the following message when the IP Address has been updated. TAB to and hit ENTER.
  • Use the arrow keys to navigate down to Reboot. When highlighted hit ENTER. The system will be rebooted. Wait while it reboots and then log back into Osirium.

Post Osirium IP address change tasks

Before allowing Osirium users to log back into the Osirium Desktop Client check the following:

  • Log onto Osirium using the new IP address assigned.
  • Open the Web Management Interface, click on Devices in the left hand menu and double click the Osirium Server device. Check the Device Parameters > IP address reflects the new IP address.
  • Open up a device session and confirm the device is single signed on through Osirium.