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How to create a user group and associate users and profiles

This article explains how to create a user group in the Osirium PxM Platform and link users and profiles to that group.


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Creating a group

  • Within the Web Management Interface, click on the + icon next to User groups in the left-hand menu. The New user group window will open.
  • Fill in the following details:
  • Heading Description
    Name Internal display name that will be given to the user group.
    Enabled If the ‘Enabled’ checkbox is checked then the user group is enabled. When added to a profile, the users within the group will be given permission to the devices.
    Notes Add any additional information that maybe useful
  • Click Save.

Associating Users To The Group

  • Click on the user group name. The User Group Detail page will open.
  • Within the User Group Detail page, click manage next to Associated Users.
  • Within the Manager:users window, tick the checkbox in the Include column, next to each user.
  • Click Save Changes to add the users to the user group.
  • The following will display.

Adding The Group to a profile

  • To add a profile, click manage next to Associated profiles.
  • Within the Manager: profiles window, tick the checkbox next to the profiles you want the user group to be added to.
  • Click Save Changes.
  • The following will display
  • The user group will now be added to the profiles and permission granted to users.