How to: Create a user group and associate users and profiles

This article explains how to create a user group using the PxM Platform Web Management Interface and associate users and profiles to that group.

The process of creating a user group and then associating users who require the same access privileges is as follows:

  1. Create your user group container with a preferred user source and a name applicable to the users that will be added to the group. The source selected will determine the user list presented and available to add to the user group.
    • Local source will allow you to select users from the PxM users list with any auth type.
    • Active Directory source will only present a synchronised list of Active Directory users that belong to the named security group.

      NOTE: If the name of the user group does not exactly match the name of the security group on the Active Directory then the user list will be empty.


  2. Associate users (local or Active Directory). Select the users from the list presented to add to your user group.
  3. Associate profiles. Either select from the profiles that already exist or create a new profile with the access privileges required for your user group. Adding a profile to the user group will give all the users in the user group access to the devices and device tasks listed in the profile with the access level stated. User groups can be added to multiple profiles.