What is InfoSec?

Infosecurity Europe is the largest and most attended information security event in Europe. The free exhibition and conference features over 345 exhibitors, presenting the most diverse range of new products and services. The show also offers an unrivalled free education programme of more than 120 hours of seminars, attracting visitors from every segment of the industry.

Osirium will again be a part of the most important and largest Cyber Security event of the year exhibiting on stand F210. Again, we will be showcasing our PXM Privileged Access Management Platform and will be running tailored demonstrations throughout the course of the show. Come along and have a chat over coffee with one of our Specialists about how and why Privileged Access Management is a critical part of an IT Infrastructure.

Workshop 3:

Privileged Access Management – Separating People From Passwords

Security Workshop

Speaker: Andy Harris

Language: English

07 Jun 2017, 14:00 – 16:00

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Andy has over 25 years’ experience inventing and building unique IT networking and security products.

In a long and distinguished career including being Technical Director at Integralis Andy has invented many leading-edge technologies including IP Network Translation Gateway, Print Symbiont Technologies for LAN-based printers and Disaster Master, a technique of continuously updating a backup site with mirrored data.

As one of the Co-Founders and CTO of MIMEsweeper, Andy was the creator of the world’s first content security solution which became the default product in its space. Andy went on to start WebBrick Systems which was one of the pioneering Home Automation technologies, also a forerunner to what we know as IOT devices today. As Engineering Director Andy has created and patented several core components in the Osirium product family.

At Osirium we champion separating People (system administrators and third parties) from Device passwords (known as privileged access management). They can keep their personal passwords. Profiles then map identities to specific roles on specific devices across an infrastructure. This means users can access systems that they need to.

Hear Andy discuss how this leads to real accountability, whereas before you could have a situation where a team of people would all use a shared passwords to systems, now you have identities having sessions on systems – Leading to knowing Who did What Where and When – and this means there’s nowhere to hide inappropriate access.

Learning Outcomes

Understand PAM in practice

Learn how PAM can be used within Osirium's PxM Platform to keep people and passwords entirely separate.

Understand Task Automation in practice

Learn how incorporating our PxM Platform's Privileged Task Automation removes human error and increases workplace efficiency.

Appreciate the irony of vulnerability checkers

Learn about the irony posed by anti-malware and vulnerability checkers that need full domain access and how our Password Lifecycle Management can help.

Learn how Osirium can the hassle out of compliance

Being confident that your compliance mandates have been met is easy with Osirium's PxM Platform as you can interactively visualise and reason with the data

Learn about the dangers of outsourcing

We explain the dangers that can be posed by outsourcing, understand why certain circumstances may present more of a threat than may be obvious - learn to outsource your IT Services and not your trust.

Target audience:

This session is aimed at Senior information security decision-makers.

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