MAP Server

Management Application Proxy Server

Dealing with legacy applications

Legacy applications refer to software older than the current ‘official’ release. In any IT environment, there are legacy applications that cannot be replaced. To combat this, companies use legacy management tools or ‘thick clients’, but this can cause a number of issues…

Legacy applications all have dependencies, be it their own Dynamic Link Library (DLL)’s, or versions of .NET and Java. Furthermore, it can be tricky or even impossible to have multiple versions of some management tools concurrently installed.

SysAdmins are forced to work across different versions of management tools, or install specific versions on jump boxes and access those. Resource intensive and a security risk, jump boxes are only accessible via a dedicated desktop, often shared by team members.

Management Application Proxy Server (MAP Server)

Management Application Proxy Server – Part of our PxM Platform

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Our MAP Server technology is like a jump box on steroids. It allows multiple versions of management applications to be available to SysAdmin or DevOps desktop without any dependencies at the workstation.

How the PxM Platform helps

MAP Server is part of the PxM Platform. It allows SysAdmins to select the platform or application they need to manage, then determines which version of the management tool they need and projects this application’s window onto their workstation.

In addition, the PxM Platform’s single sign on (SSO) applies to personalised or mapped accounts as well as known accounts. Credentials never enter the workstation and therefore stay secure.

Seamlessly integrates automatically

Provides a secure environment for legacy applications

Frees up resource by removing administrative headaches

Reduces compatibility and dependency issues

Separates people from passwords

Increases security and control

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Management Application Proxy Server (MAP Server)

In any IT environment, there are irreplaceable legacy applications that do something useful but come with multiple dependencies. Our Privileged Account Management solution, the PxM Platform, provides a secure environment for the seamless integration of these legacy applications.