Forget the Notion ofLegacy Applications

This facility allows for multiple versions of Management Applications to be available to the SysAdmin or DevOps desktop without any dependencies at the workstation. MAP Servers are effectively containers for the Management Applications that project the application window to the desktop.

Osirium MAP Server solves dependencies                

In these days of fast moving development, applications are becoming 'legacy' sooner that ever before. This can cause headaches for DevOps and SysAdmins as they switch between the various versions in their daily work. Osirium has addressed these pains with MAP Server technologies.

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Feature Highlights

Multiple Users

Multiple Users of a single application from one server.

Osirium knows which MAP server has the right version of the Client Application for each device, system or application to be managed.

Load Balancing, Popular applications may be balanced across multiple servers.

SysAdmin and DevOps desktop simplification, no need to install Management Application Clients

Seamless Integration

A MAP Server can be based on your standard windows build, when a MAP server is installed it automatically becomes part of the resources that an Osirium server can use to make connections to a device.