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Osirium Resources

Downloadable resources; solutions, white papers, articles (covering a wide-range of security topics), case studies, datasheets and more.



Concise, 2-page, bulleted

PxM Platform Overview

PxM Platform Module Component Overview

Osirium PxM Platform Datasheet

PAM Solution Overview

Privileged Access Management Module

Osirium Privileged Access Management Module Datasheet

PTM Solution Overview

Privileged Task Management Overview

Osirium Privileged Task Management Module Datasheet

PSM Overview

Privileged Session Management Module

Osirium Privileged Session Management Module Datasheet

PBM Overview

Privileged Behaviour Management Overview

Osirium Privileged Behaviour Management Module Datasheet

PxM Express Overview

Explains and Compares Express Features

Osirium Privileged Behaviour Management Module Datasheet

White Papers

Detailed, ~8-16 pages, highly product specific

ISO/IEC 27001 – Compliance Standard

Access Control & System Acquisition Requirements

ISO27001 White Paper (Partnership w/ Acuity Group)

Cyber Essentials – Compliance Standard

Mitigating the Risk From Common Internet-based Threats

Cyber Essentials White Paper

PCI DSS – Compliance Standard

How Osirium Meets the PCI Data Security Standard

PCI DSS White Paper

PxM Platform White Paper

In-depth Explanation of the PxM Platform’s Features

PxM Platform White Paper

Separating People From Passwords White Paper

Five reasons why separation is essential

Separating People From Passwords White Paper

KuppingerCole Executive View

KuppingerCole Executive View on Privileged Access Management

KuppingerCole PAM Overview  White Paper

Case Studies

Detailed, ~4 pages, customer’s first-hand experiences

Mental Health Concern

How Mental Health Concern have employed Osirium’s robust Privileged Account Security

Mental Health Concern Case Study


How M-Netics added compliance to their infrastructure project

M-Netics Case Study

NHS Use Cases

How Osirium and ITHealth provide profound security benefits to the NHS

NHS Use Cases Document


How thinkmoney have employed the use of the PxM Platform

ThinkMoney Case Study


Articles: Short, ~2-pages, specific topics.

When SysAdmins go rogue

“Who’s guarding the guards? What to do when a SysAdmin goes rogue…”

When SysAdmins Go Rogue Article

Third-party Access Control

“Controlling the outsourced outsourcer”

Third Party Access Control  Article

Preventing Breaches

“Do you really have to accept that breaches are inevitable?”

Preventing Breaches Article

PAM & the Legal Industry

“Law firms are all about trust and confidential dealings”

PAM & the Legal Industry Article

MAP Server

“Maintaining PAM in a multi-dependency environment”

MAP Server Article

PAM & the Payment Card Industry

“Managing generic accounts in a PCI environment”

PAM & the Payment Card Industry Article

Identity In, Role Out

"Separating people from passwords"

PAM & the Payment Card Industry Article

PxM Platform and GDPR Compliance

"Meeting GDPR Needs With PxM Platform"

Meeting GDPR Needs With PxM Platform Article

Separate Your Business From Cyber-attacks

"How Osirium combat continuously evolving cyber-threats"

Separate Your Business From Cyber-attacks Article


Brochures: Medium-sized, ~4 pages, specific topics

PxM Best Practice

PxM in practice with Osirium

PxM Best Practice Brochure

PAM for Police Forces

UK Police – Management of Privileged Credentials

PAM for Police Forces Brochure