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First contract win for Opus

First contract win for Opus

Osirium (AIM: OSI), a leading vendor of cloud-based cybersecurity software, is pleased to announce the first customer for its new innovative privileged robotic process automation solution, Opus, which was launched in May of this year.

The contract is with a leading asset manager who recently renewed Osirium’s full PxM platform for a further three-year term, as announced in May. The customer selected Opus to reduce manual processes, speed up internal customer service and improve consistency of service. Up until now, IT administration operations, such as creating or updating user and system accounts, are repeated many times per day, taking up to an hour each to complete and needing senior staff involvement. End-users become frustrated because of delays in provisioning or updating accounts, with execution of changes proving inconsistent, and the IT organisation wanting to free up resource to deliver business changes faster.

Opus will augment the client’s existing ServiceNow infrastructure to automate these tasks. Now, less-experienced IT engineers can perform software updates securely and reliably, with tasks being completed accurately and efficiently in just a few minutes. This will result in improved customer satisfaction, consistency and reporting, and capacity in the team will be freed up to allow more experienced staff to focus on delivering higher-value business initiatives.

David Guyatt, Chief Executive Officer, commented: “Osirium’s privileged account security strategy has been significantly strengthened with the launch of two more privileged security products, Opus and PEM which, together with Osirium’s PxM platform, maximise our ability to combat privileged security threats, wherever the security concerns may be. This contract is an excellent example of how we can broaden our relationship with existing customers as they appreciate the quality of our products, their ease of implementation and the benefits that they can deliver. Opus has wide applicability and is generating interest across DevOps, NetOps and outside IT in business teams.”

Find out more about Opus here.

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