Osirium @ IT Security Strategy Meeting 2017

IT Security Strategy Meeting, London - March 2017

With organisations now realising how critical it is to understand how key it is to interface with providers who can help achieving strategic IT and compliance goals, CISO’s need to successfully engage the board to reap the benefits the cyber world brings and be on top of the associated risk. Cyber opportunities and risks should be on the same level of importance as other strategies discussed in the boardroom, but many CISO’s find this especially difficult. CISO’s must create a culture of cyber security within their organisation which starts with making the top decision makers align cyber security with the business objectives.

Osirium have again been invited to attend this year’s event offering advice and guidance to decision makers in some of today’s largest and forward thinking businesses.

We are also sponsoring a roundtable discussion enabling an exclusive CISO audience to share experience, benchmark and explore challenges in the Privileged Access Management space.

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