Osirium launches SysAdminAssist, its first freeware application

Osirium (https://osirium.com) a leader in Privileged User & Infrastructure Management has today announced that it has released a freeware application – SysAdminAssist.  Designed to help system administrators find and connect to devices more quickly, the SysAdminAssist application can be found our website and also on leading freeware download sites.

“One of the many capabilities of Osirium Enterprise is its ability to enable SysAdmins to quickly search and access devices,” said David Guyatt, CEO at Osirium.  “Although this is a relatively small part of the Osirium Enterprise edition, finding the right device often means guessing the IP address or name, which is actually one of the most frustrating day-to-day hassles that SysAdmins have to deal with.”

Osirium positions SysAdminAssist as a freeware application that is essentially a console launcher based on a Desktop Client that allows the user to add local device entries with keywords. It then presents a searchable list of all devices with links to manage all the devices using SSH, Telnet, HTTP, HTTPS, RDP or VNC.

The company is expecting to see a substantial take up of the application as time pressured system administrators realise the benefits of quickly identifying and accessing devices by centrally bookmarking them.  Users can then also search for any device by meta-data, accessing it through their preferred connection tool with a single click.

“Identifying hundreds or thousands of devices in a network is a real problem and system administrators often have to root around to find, or even guess, the identity of each device before accessing it which is time consuming and increases the risk of the wrong device being accessed,” continued Guyatt.  “SysAdminAssist is a simple, quick and elegant way of removing this headache.”

No registration is required to use the tool but support can be provided to those users that choose to do so.


SysAdminAssist has since been superseded by our free ‘PxM Express’ product.

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