Osirium MAPS out its new technology

An industry first approach, MAPS has been designed in response to rising demand for a solution that reduces the management complexities associated with using legacy management tools for legacy software. The new MAPS technology essentially enables SysAdmins (system administrators) to simply select the platform or application they need to manage, leaving Osirium’s PxM Platform to determine which version of the management tool they need and then project its window to their workstation. The PxM Platform then also delivers single sign on using either known, personalised or mapped accounts. Credentials never enter the workstation environment and therefore stay secure, ensuring digital hygiene is maintained even in the case of third party access.

The critical issue facing businesses without the MAPS technology in place is that SysAdmins are then forced to work across different versions of management tools, or install specific versions on Jump Boxes and then access those. This is resource intensive, and a security risk, because Jump Boxes are only accessible via a dedicated desktop, which is often shared by team members and so leads to privileged access management problems.

In addition to the enhanced level of security, the PxM Platform also retains the ability to know who accessed the network, where, when and did what, which strengthens compliance and auditing capabilities. With the platform identifying each user it means they arrive as an identity and leave as a role, whether that role maps to a shared administrator account, a personalised account, or a privileged version of a normal account.

“The best way to describe our MAPS technology is to say it is like a Jump Box on steroids”, said Kev Pearce, CTO at Osirium. “By delivering a central management application that works in this way we also reduce compatibility and dependency issues which is another significant benefit for those businesses experiencing cost or resource pressures. Osirium’s PxM Platform can now containerise management applications and removes the administration headache typically associated with running legacy machines”.

Also accessible by third parties and outsourcers, the PxM Platform’s profile scheme records when systems are added with a defined access role, and time windows can be defined by a profile enable/disable condition. These profiles can then be added, or deleted, as required, guaranteeing that the access is granted and revoked in real time.

This new product launch closely follows Osirium’s recently announced contract win with a leading global asset management company which has over £300 billion of assets under management and offices in c.30 countries. The contract is expected to deliver a material financial contribution in the current year and will run over a three-year term. It is, to date, the largest single contract negotiated in the Group’s history.

For further information on MAPS, and to obtain details on pricing, please email info@osirium.com. We will also be running live technology demonstrations during IP EXPO, 5th and 6th October 2016, at London’s ExCel – stand no. C14.

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