Osirium @ Strategic IT Security Meeting, 10th October 2018

We’re attending the October Strategic IT Security event, where we’ll be facilitating a roundtable discussion on how to build security systems that don’t have one catastrophic point of failure.

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About Strategy Insights’ Strategic IT Security Meeting

Strategy Insights facilitates discussions between c-level executives in large enterprise with cyber security providers, in order to help businesses achieve strategic IT and compliance goals and explore solutions to their current investment needs.

Osirium have again been invited to attend the Strategic IT Security event to offer advice and guidance to decision makers.

Event information

Wednesday 10th October

Radisson Blu,
Marble Arch,

Find out more about the event here.

About our seminar

We will be holding a roundtable discussion enabling an exclusive CISO audience to share their experiences and challenges around Privileged Access Management. Titled ‘How to build security systems that don’t have one catastrophic point of failure’, Osirium Chief Technology Officer, Andy Harris, will give advice on:

  • When your domain administrator goes rogue
  • When you’re one poor password away from a security breach
  • How to stop abusing users with overly complex password policies
  • How to get control of your DevOps pipeline.

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