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Osirium to speak @ e-Crime & Cybersecurity Mid-year Summit

Join us at the 10th e-Crime & Cybersecurity Mid-Year Summit on Thursday 18th October 2018, where our CTO Andy Harris will be delivering a seminar on How passwords get stolen, how attackers move laterally across networks, how to separate people from the passwords that count and how to add Multifactor Authentication to systems that don’t natively support it.

About the e-Crime and Cybersecurity Mid-Year Summit 2018

The e-Crime and Cybersecurity Mid-Year Summit will look at the realities of achieving cybersecurity and resilience today in the face of what they call “inconvenient truths”, such as:

  1. Cybersecurity is a business risk and so must be evaluated like any other business proposition
  2. Third-party security is a bigger issue than your own security and management by questionnaire is absurd
  3. Current cybersecurity strategies are not scalable to the threat: only automation offers an answer.


Event information

Thursday 18th October

Park Plaza Victoria,
239 Vauxhall Bridge Road,

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About our attendance

We will be exhibiting and speaking at the e-Crime and Cybersecurity Mid-Year Summit as education seminar sponsors.

Find our stand,where we’ll be showcasing our Privileged Access Management and Task Automation solution, the PxM Platform. We’ll demonstrate how the PxM Platform maps Identity to Privileged Accounts, whilst separating users from passwords, as part of its defence against the most prolific and dangerous of cybersecurity threats. This not only bolsters your security but also helps you achieve compliance standards including GDPR and Cyber Essentials.

Don’t miss our education seminar delivered by our CTO, Andy Harris.

Our seminar

Join Osirium CTO Andy Harris for his education seminar, titled ‘How passwords get stolen, how attackers move laterally across networks, how to separate people from the passwords that count and how to add Multifactor Authentication to systems that don’t natively support it’. Andy’s seminar will show:

  • The common methods of obtaining passwords, graded by how easy they are for an attacker to deploy
  • How password policies can be counterproductive
  • How passwords vaults can be bypassed
  • How attackers move laterally across your network, and how to create enough friction to stop attackers but allow normal work to proceed
  • How different types of multifactor authentication work, how offline MFA can work
  • How to add a multifactor authentication stage to systems that use only local, AD or key based authentication
  • Why task automation is so important to security.

About Andy

Andy has over 25 years’ experience inventing and building unique IT networking and security products. In a long and distinguished career including being Technical Director at Integralis Andy has invented many leading-edge technologies including IP Network Translation Gateway, Print Symbiont Technologies for LAN-based printers and Disaster Master, a technique of continuously updating a backup site with mirrored data.

As one of the Co-Founders and CTO of MIMEsweeper, Andy was the creator of the world’s first content security solution which became the default product in its space. Andy went on to start WebBrick Systems which was one of the pioneering Home Automation technologies, also a forerunner to what we know as IoT devices today. While serving as Engineering Director, Andy created and patented several core components in the Osirium product family.

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