Recovery from O2 outage could have been accelerated using Osirium Privileged Task Automation

Reading, 7thDecember: The system and process flaws that resulted in a loss of service for 23 million customers yesterday could have been resolved rapidly using Osirium technology specifically designed to automate tasks and reduce the risks of human error.

Ericsson has stated that the root cause of the O2 outage was expired certificates on SGSN–MME software from Ericsson, and that Ericsson has attributed the outage to ‘faulty software’ (link to Consequently Ericsson and O2 engineers would have been involved in a complex process of attempting to update certificates or software, carry out a risk analysis on moving to the new software, and understand how that would work with the various versions of hardware that O2 have installed.

“It’s to help customers address exactly this type of failure that we created our Privileged Task Management solution,” explained Osirium CEO David Guyatt. “In the O2 and Ericsson case, once the fix recipe was determined it would be a matter of rolling it out to all affected units. Doing this manually inevitably introduces the risk of some human error, such as spending time updating unnecessary nodes. However, by using Osirium to build an automated task that checks the software version before updating you can reduce the risk.The core value of privileged task automation is that you can delegate the tasks to other people.  Therefore, in a crisis, you’ll get more done, faster, with reduced human error.

About Osirium

Osirium Technologies plc (AIM: OSI.L) operates in one of the fastest growing parts of the cyber-security market and is a leading vendor of Privileged Access Management (“PAM”) software. Osirium’s cloud-based products protect critical IT assets, infrastructure and devices by preventing targeted cyber-attacks from directly accessing Privileged Accounts, removing unnecessary access and powers of Privileged Account users, deterring legitimate Privileged Account users from abusing their roles and containing the effects of a breach if one does happen.

Osirium has defined and delivered what the Directors view as the next generation PAM solution. The team has developed the concept of Virtual Air Gap to separate users from passwords, with Osirium’s Privileged Task Management module which is built on Robotic Automation technology and further strengthens Privileged Account security by minimising the cyber-attack surface and delivering impressive return on investment benefits for customers.

Founded in 2008 and with its headquarters in Reading, UK, the Group was admitted to AIM in April 2016. For further information please visit

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