Osirium @ Securing Online Gaming 2016

We will be presenting and exhibiting at the 2nd Annual Securing Online Gaming, London, 4th October 2016

The online gaming industry depends on maintaining customer confidence in its cyber security. Gaming and gambling both depend for their existence on the security of data and payment processes. Both demand the continuous development of new digital applications and online tools. And both can be hacked in ways that can cause material loss to game players and gaming companies themselves.

This year’s Securing Online Gaming event will continue to look at the key technological developments in cyber-security to keep you up to date with products, trends and regulations. But we will also be taking a wider look at how the external visibility of information security will transform the solutions industry and the information security function.

Andy Harris our Head of Engineering with discuss: – Really Useful Security: Maintaining Privileged Access Management in a Multi-Dependency Environment, including:

  • Techniques for dealing with multiple versions of management applications that can clash at the workstation
  • How to avoid sharing credentials for jump boxes and administrator/root accounts
  • How to speed up DevOps and SysAdmins whilst increasing security and removing the repetitive drudge work

Come and visit out booth where we will be showcasing our Privileged Protection and Task Automation solution and demonstrating how Osirium’s PxM Platform maps Identity to Privileged Accounts.

etc. venues St. Pauls

200 Aldersgate, London, EC1A, 4HDUK

4th October 2016

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