Privileged Access Management

Privileged Identity Management, Privileged User Management, Privileged Account Management - How these are used in Osirium

Privileged Identity Management

This is the inbound part of Osirium. Its what happens when a SysAdmin logs in to the Osirium Desktop Client; the SysAdmin's identity is checked against an authentication service. Osirium can use a range of two factor authentication schemes along with Active Directory and built-in local authentication.

Privileged User Managements:

This is all about the Profiles, Time Windows and Device, Connection Limits and Group Separation features of Osirium. Here we're managing what the SysAdmin can do as a privileged user.

Privileged Account Management:

This is the outbound side of Osirium, the part that makes the connections to devices. Osirium uses various privileged accounts along with their roles as part of the single sign on and task management process. Osirium can manage the credentials and accessibility of these accounts autonomously through schedules, or through tasks issued by SuperAdmins.